Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our customers frequently asked questions, if you do not find your answers here please feel free to contact us.


Is Telapets right for everyone?

No. As much as we would like to help every pet in need, an online consultation is not ideal for complex ailments and cases. If our team feels you would be better served by a face-to-face appointment we will guide you to seek the appropriate care for your pet.

How quickly will you review my pet request for treatment?

Your request will be reviewed within 2 business hours, and usually faster. Operating hours are from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.

Is this a safe way to get care?

Telapets is completely safe so long as you are truthful while answering our questions. It is extremely important that you answer the questionnaire honestly and accurately.

What if I need to cancel?

Schedule a consultation knowing that if your plans change you can cancel your booking up to the day before your consultation. Same day cancellations and no shows will result in a full charge. 

We reserve substantial amounts of time for patient appointments and, unfortunately, are typically unable to fill last-minute cancellation spots with other patients.

Cancellations are only valid if you have received an email confirmation from us through our portal. 

What Browsers Can I Use?

The following table indicates the browsers supported by Telapets. We support the most recent (N) and the two previous (N-2) versions of these browsers unless otherwise indicated.

  Chrome Firefox Safari** Edge (ORTC*** & Chromium)
iOS * *

Mobile browsers lack the ability to receive or maintain call connectivity whilst in the background and they do not allow GSM call interruption handling. These lead to poor user experience. To create the best user experience, Telapets recommends understanding these limitations when creating mobile Voice Applications. Telapets also recommends evaluating the iOS and Android SDKs for creating mobile Voice Applications.

* Chrome and Firefox for iOS do not have access to WebRTC APIs, unlike Safari for iOS.

** WebRTC support in Safari started with Safari version 11

*** We recommend migrating to the new Chromium Edge as soon as possible as we will stop supporting ORTC in the near future

How much does it cost?

Our visit fee is $59.99, which covers the video call and vet’s evaluation. The cost of the actual treatment is separate.

How many conditions can we discuss during a consult

Each consult is for one condition/problem. If your pet is experiencing multiple problems, please schedule a consult for each. 

Please choose your pet type.

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